The Hamilton and District Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society (HDCDS) is dedicated to assisting fellow gardeners in getting the most out of these beautiful plants. The members of the HDCDS enjoy growing these flowers for their beauty and exotic appearance. It is no exaggeration to say that people walking by our gardens stop and marvel at these gorgeous blooms.

Chrysanthemums and dahlias come in many forms. The plants remain the same but the blooms can vary greatly. See “frequently asked questions” for more information.  This will be updated soon.

The HDCDS hosts a friendly annual competition called the “Show” each September. Everyone is encouraged to show off the bounty of their garden.

The HDCDS is quite a social group.  We meet 4 times yearly at the Royal Botanical Gardens to exchange gardening insights. We meet at each other’s gardens in July  for on the spot pruning and debranching  demonstrations. We also meet for a bar-be-que in August and at restaurants for dinner after The Show and at Christmas.