A.D.S. Seedling Bench Evaluation - 3 Blooms

1) Show officials and exhibitors must read and adhere to all rules for entries and judging as printed in the 2016 ADS Classification and Handbook of Dahlias

2) Each exhibitor who enters an exhibit for the ADS Seedling Bench Evaluation must obtain an ADS Entry Tag from the show chairman and fill it out as per instructions.

3) Awards: ADS ribbon and / or ribbons for all entries scoring 85 or over.

Open Single Bloom Sections

Note: Best of each type in the Open Class will receive a Tri-colour. The Best of each section will receive a second Tri-colour and a higher Award and then go to the Court of Honor for additional awards if so honored.

Open Three Bloom Section

Best of each Section will receive a Tri-colour. 

The Best Three Bloom Entry will be chosen from the best of each section. Only the Best Three Bloom entry in the show will be placed on the Court of Honor.

Note: Using AA as an example, there are six types (FD, ID, SC, C, IC, LC). The best of each type will be selected. Then the best AA 3 Bloom entry selected.

Follow the same procedure for A, B, BB, Min, etc.

All judges, Senior and Accredited, who do not have a valid interest, will then pick Best Three Bloom Entry in Show.

Open Container Sections - All Five Blooms

Note: The best container from each Section will receive a Tri-colour and a higher award.

Only the Best Container Entry will go to the Court of Honor.

Note: All container entries will be five blooms.

Special Sections - Open to all exhibitors

Dahlia of the Year:  any ball dahlia:  three classes: novice, small grower , open

Canadian introduction: 1 bloom any size of type of Canadian origination

One Pot of dahlias - any variety as long as it is grown in a pot:   a support is allowed if needed.

Largest bloom in show:  the bloom must come from a 1st place entry in the show.

Floating dahlia:  any type of any size in any container but it must be floating on water.

Seedling class:  one flower from a seed you grew yourself, not an ADS seedling.

English Class:  2 vases of 3 blooms - each vase to have 3 blooms of the same cultivar variety.  Both vases can be of the same variety or type, or each vase can be a different variety or type.  The only stipulation regarding dahlias for this class is:  AA, A, B, BB size dahlias can not be used.  With this rule, small growers and novices will have an opportunity to put an entry into this class.  Consider colour, size, uniformity of entries when making your choice of blooms -- or just wait for the day and take what is available.  Note: from the winning entry, the best vase of the sinning entry will be determined and that vase will be eligible for the best three blooms in the show.

Canada 150 year anniversary class:   all blooms must beeither white (Colour XX01) or red (colour XX06) or bicolour (colour XX15). Please note that the 3 and 5 bloom class winning entry will be considered for higher awards only if all blooms are the same cultivar.  There are 4 classes:

1.  any single bloom size AA,A,B class 1867

2.  any single bloom from all other size categories class 2017

3.  vase of 3 blooms called The Prime Minister's

4.  vase of 5 blooms called The Flag


Small Growers Section - Single Blooms    

Open to persons growing less than 100 plants of AA, A, B and BB varieties in total. A Small Grower may grow as many of the other varieties as he or she wishes. 

Best Single Bloom Entry in each section of Small Growers Class goes to Court of Honor.

Special Note to Small Growers: for all other varieties of dahlias (M, Ba, MB, ST, WL, etc.), either a single bloom entry, a triple bloom entry or container, your entries will be placed and exhibited in the Open Section.

Novice / Junior Section

Novice - An exhibitor who is inexperienced in showing Dahlias.

Junior - Children of exhibitors may exhibit in this section - Blooms exhibited must be from plants which the junior member provided most of the care from planting to bloom (a junior must be under 16 years of age).

Note:  Novice / Junior - these are separate sections and will be accommodated if sufficient entries 

Best in Novice / Junior Section goes to Court of Honor

Chrysanthemum Section