Are dahlias difficult to grow?  

No, they grow like weeds, unfortunately they are made for a 8 month growing season which does not exist in Canada.  Thus gardeners in Canada must help the plant to grow faster and produce flowers sooner than nature intended. 

How do I promote better plant health and flower growth? 

By pruning properly.  Pruning plays a huge part in getting good flower growth.  The club has yearly meetings at a members garden to show the techniques.  Showing is much more useful than a written explanation.

Where can I get better tubers than what the plant nurseries sell? 

Come to our yearly tuber auction where members sell their excess tubers.  The varieties of tubers available are vast and wonderful.  You can also order by mail order from dahlia producers.

How can I learn all about dahlias?

Come to our meetings and garden trips of course.  And check out youtube recordings by Dave Gillam, Mark's allotment diary and many others.  The American Dahlia Society website has more information than you could possibly use.   Check out our links page.

What is the advantage of belonging to the American Dahlia Society (ADS)?

The ADS sends seasonal bulletins, provides members only website access with amazing information, plus access to all their archives.  The ADS sends each year the classification book to each member.  The ADS sets and maintains standards of judging for all dahlia shows.

Is the HDCDS on facebook?

Of course, it is only open to members.  

What varieties of dahlias attract butterflies and bees?

Pollinators need to be able to feed on the interior of the flower.  Thus the simple flowers work best for attracting butterflies and bees. This includes collarettes, mignon, orchid and peony classes.  Favourites include: Pooh, Bishop of Llandaff, Dandie Toots, Reddy, Rembrandt, Alpen Cherub.

What varieties of dahlias have society members hybridized and made available?  Here are a few examples.

John Mooney:  Maisie Mooney A (ID) white, Susan Mooney B (ID) yellow, Glen M BB red, New one yet to be named.

Ralph Suttell: Jess-Me A (ID) flame, Miss Jillian BB (FD) yellow, Jess-Sarah BB (ID) pink, Jess-Lynn M (FD) orange

Ron Duxbury:  Mickey D. B )SC) light blend yellow and pink, Triple Lee D BB (FD) dark pink

Where can I get my soil tested?

A&L Canada laboratories  1-855-837-8347

Agri-Foods laboratories 1-800-265-7175

University of Guelph Laboratory Services 1-877-863-4235